Bereaved Mothers

The Milk Bank welcomes donors who have suffered an infant loss.

  • Early pregnancy – approximately 18 weeks or later
  • Stillborn
  • Post-delivery

You may be a mother who has been pumping milk or breastfeeding your baby and have an established milk supply already frozen, or you may be a mother who has suffered a late miscarriage or pre-delivery infant death.  In the case of pregnancy loss, your breasts will still begin to make milk about 3 or 4 days after the loss.  By pumping your breasts to remove the milk every few hours, just as a baby would feed, your breasts will establish a milk supply that could be donated in memory of your baby and to help other sick preterm infants whose mothers are struggling with their milk supply.

Many bereaved donors have told us that helping other infants with the gift of donor milk helps in their grieving process. If you feel that this might be right for you, please fill out a Donor Screening Form. Bereaved donors must still be screened and approved to donate their precious gift.

More information can be found in the brochure linked below: