Storing and Transporting Milk

Storing your Milk

Donors with either previously pumped breastmilk or those who are currently pumping will be asked to follow the guidelines listed below for milk storage:


Containers or Breastmilk Storage Bags

Milk must be stored in either a food grade hard plastic container that is BPA free, or breastmilk freezer storage bags. Regular zip-locked bags, sandwich bags or glass bottles are not acceptable.



Milk must be stored in one of the following types of freezers:

  • A combo refrigerator/freezer with a separate door for less than 3 months.
  • A chest freezer for less than 6 months.


Transporting your Milk

Transporting your milk to the Milk Bank will be provided free of charge courtesy of the Milk Bank. All empty bottles, bags and shipping materials required to donate milk will be couriered to your home. A Milk Bank staff member will then make arrangements for receiving donor milk at the bank directly with the individual donors.