Receive Donor Milk

Donor breast milk is given to medically fragile hospitalized babies, by prescription, in Neonatal Units across Canada. Babies must meet the following criteria:

Criteria to receive donor milk

  • Medically fragile hospitalized babies who weight less than 1800 gms and are less than 34 weeks gestation.
  • Babies will  receive donor milk  in hospital for the duration of their eligibility, and if there is not enough mother’s own milk at this time, they will need to transition to a baby formula.
  • In the event that donor milk supplies are limited, the highest risk babies will receive donor milk first.
  • Donor milk can only be provided by prescription following signed consent from a parent or guardian.
  • There are no direct costs to the baby’s family for the donor milk.

For Clinicians

Clinicians can learn about using donor milk in your neonatal intensive care unit.